For some time now, we have been able to observe how our well-known physical spaces are increasingly superimposed by finely meshed virtual and digital dimensions. In addition to that, we experience spatial limitations and extensions that lead to a multitude of breaks, shifts and distortions in what we commonly understand as reality. Our world of today, shaped by global digitalization, radically redefines the experience of time, body and place, and thus also the experience of art outside of institutional and closed spaces. But what does this mean for society, for art and for spaces?

LINZ FMR 19 // 27-30 March 2019

The core of the new format LINZ FMR 19 is an exhibition in public and open space along the Danube in Linz with works by international and local artists who deal with art in digital contexts. A supporting program of walks, lectures, films, concerts and discussions will be set up to address new approaches, working methods and developments in this context.