Wednesday, March 27 – Saturday, March 30, 2019, 11:00 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Donaulände Linz

With Suzanne Treister (UK), Clement Valla (US), Karl Philips (BE), Bernhard Gustav Garnicnig (AT) & Jamie Allen (CA), Tomáš Moravec (CZ) & Matej Al-Ali (SK), Thomas Kluckner (AT), Filippo Minelli (IT), Isabella Auer (AT), Hybris (DE), Susanna Flock (AT) & Leonhard Müllner (AT), The Cool Couple (IT) und Karin Ferrari (IT)

The ever advancing digitization of the every-day implies intense overlapping and layering of familiar physical, but also finely interwoven digital spaces. LINZ FMR 19 offered a frame, a temporary stage to the present, and set the scene for artistic processes to test its ephemeral character. The heart of the format was an exhibition in public and open space with works by 18 artists from nine countries who deal with art in digital contexts.

Suzanne Treister, 2014 — 2015 Arbeiten aus HFT The Gardener Digital prints, billboards HFT The Gardener is a project comprising
Clement Valla, 2010 — ongoing Postcards from Google Earth Satellite imagery, Print on PVC Plane, wood construction, casing pipe Postcards
[:de]Karin Ferrari, 2019 DECODING The iPhone Xs. A Techno-Magical Portal Video, Found Footage, 13 min Das neue iPhone … Es
Matej Al-Ali & Tomáš Moravec, 2019 Shift (Linz edition) Mobile video-sculpture Shift deals with the very concept at the basis
The Cool Couple, 2016 — ongoing Karma Fails - Flying Mats® for LINZ FMR Printed Yoga Mats, audio track, mp3
Hybris, 2019 Please send slower for present Digital archive, actions in urban and digital space, audio installation, light boxes Delivery
Filippo Minelli, 2014 — 2017 The Intimate Enemy Found digital images, archive, WiFi Hotspot, advertising displays The Intimate Enemy is
Karl Philips, 2019 Keelhauling Iron construction, Found video material, Digital displays, Hammocks, Car tires Keelhauling is a sculptural installation that
Isabella Auer, 2019 Need Space Concrete enclosure, Smartphone, Animated GIF The work Need Space defines a fixed point in the
Susanna Flock & Leonhard Müllner, 2019 MORGENERST – ABENDLETZT audio-video installation, materials from video games and from YouTube Let's Plays,
Thomas Kluckner, 2019 Super Wave Wooden construction, posters The work Super Wave is a temporary, site-specific installation that engages with
[:de] The deadline for submissions for LINZ FM[Ai]R 21 has expired on AUGUST 30 2020! LINZ FM[Ai]R 21 - Open
Jamie Allen & Bernhard Garnicnig, 2014 — ongoing SHIPPING: MY HOLY NACHO – Delivery (estimated) SHIPPING: MY HOLY NACHO –

Here is a tour through the exhibition moderated by Leonhard Müllner, recorded and archived on dorftv.