Next residency artists for FM[Ai]R 23 on site

The next two artists in the FM[Ai]R-23 programme are now on location in Linz working on their contributions to FMR 23. Justin Tyler Tate and Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy are using their stay to prepare their site-specific works for the festival in June. Tate’s work is titled “Archipeligo”. It involves him making a tool for cutting PET bottles and constructing a machine for heating and extruding 3D printer filaments. These can then be used to 3D print nodes for connecting PET bottles to build architectural structures. Fehres & Conroy are building a wheel-like vehicle that will transport FMR 23 visitors around the festival site. The visitors will be blindfolded and can experience the sound of the internet.

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First residency artists for FM[Ai]R 23 on site

Last October, the Curatorial Board of FMR 23 selected four applicants from the open call for the Artists-in-Residence program. The first two of them, TinTin Patrone and Swaeny Nina Kersaan, have now arrived in Linz. They are staying at the Atelierhaus Salzamt, exploring the festival grounds in the coming days and preparing their site-specific works for FMR 23, which will take place in Linz’s southern harbor district from June 6 to 11, 2023.

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FMR 21 has warped | FMR 23 will show up soon

FMR 21 is history and has been put away into the Archives. In the meantime preparations are already underway for the third edition of the festival for art in digital contexts and public spaces. It will take place in June 2023 in Linz. Details will follow on this website.

Two months to go! Announcement of artist names!

The biennial festival once again presents artistic positions that reflect the ephemeral nature of our digital and connected present. It focuses on the shifts, distortions and rifts that come with the ever-increasing digitalization of everyday life and presents contemporary artists from the fields of visual art, media art, Internet art and performance who are dedicated to this phenomenon.

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