FMR 23 in the southern harbor district

The planning for FMR 23 is progressing. Conceptual considerations about the festival in general alternate with talks with potential sponsors, the curatorial selection of artists or the identification of hot spots on the festival site.

Speaking of the festival site. This time FMR 23 will take place from June 6 to 11, 2023, at the southern harbor district of Linz.

Between the former Quelle department stores’ in the northwest, the Danube in the east, the tank terminal in the south and the LINZ AG district heating power station in the southeast, an area of more than 100 hectares is spread out, which is characterized in a fascinating way by the alternation between industry and nature. Here you will find a lot of different companies such as Plasser & Theurer, Schachermayer, BUNZL & BIACH, KE KELIT, PORR Bau or Fischer Brot. At the same time, the area is bordered and criss-crossed by natural, recreational and leisure spaces, including the hello yellow Velodrom, the Flachenauer farm, the Hollabererhof with Schwemmland and the allotment garden settlement of Linz-Ost, which alone covers around 10 hectares.

FMR 23 … June 6 to 11, 2023 … Mark your calendars!