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LINZ FMR 19 is curated and organized by the Linz art and cultural initiatives qujOchÖ (Davide Bevilacqua, Jakob Dietrich, Sun Li Lian Obwegeser, Thomas Philipp) and (Davide Bevilacqua, Ushi Reiter), the Atelierhaus Salzamt (Clemens Mairhofer, Holger Jagersberger), the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Arts Linz (Moritz Pisk) and the STURM UND DRANG GALERIE (Lorenz Homolka).

Davide Bevilacqua, Jakob Dietrich, Lorenz Homolka, Clemens Mairhofer, Holger Jagersberger, Sun Li Lian Obwegeser, Thomas Philipp, Moritz Pisk, Ushi Reiter

Management and production
Davide Bevilacqua, Jakob Dietrich, Clemens Mairhofer

Art Education
Judith Maule, Leonhard Müllner

Davide Bevilacqua, Veronika Krenn, Sun Li Lian Obwegeser

Christoph Hüttmannsberger

Public relations
Thomas Philipp, Davide Bevilacqua (


qujOchÖ is an art collective founded in Linz in 2001. It operates at the interfaces of art, society and science; it is diverse, heterogeneous, untaggable and completely undisciplined, it uses everything and nothing, it shows, installs, intervenes, noises, builds, discusses and connects and does everything out of love and conviction. is a net culture initiative in Linz. As an association, it operates an independent cultural data centre and is connected to the worldwide network via the ACOnet. Its members include artists and cultural practitioners, alternative educational institutions, free radios, university institutions and NGOs. promotes the use of free open source software, researches phenomena of digital culture, illuminates sociopolitical implications in dealing with technology and deals with the central themes of the information society.

The Atelierhaus Salzamt is a cultural institution of the city of Linz in a central location by the Danube. It offers living and working studios for international and regional artists, an exhibition and event hall with ongoing exhibitions, international artistic exchange and art mediation through artist talks and studio visits.

The activities of the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Art and Design Linz focus on what Antonio Gramsci called an “inventory reservation”: the study and critical examination of the traces that historical processes have left behind in current self-relations. This includes getting to know spatially or temporally distant cultural formations, questioning everyday culture and artistic production, and investigating media and cultural techniques. The focus is on cultural-historically informed contemporary research that addresses current problems.

The STURM UND DRANG GALERIE is a contemporary gallery founded in 2014 and located in the heart of the Old Town of Linz. Within a short time it established itself as a meeting place for the young art scene of the city. The STURM UND DRANG GALERIE creates space for informal exchange with the public interested in art, is dedicated to the promotion of selected emerging artists and accompanies them throughout their careers. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery space is also used for performances, readings, media art, installations and concerts.


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